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Loan Programs

Sofia Capital Ventures is your Concierge for Private Commercial Lending. Through our curated network of private commercial lenders, we can provide financing for a wide variety of commercial property types, loan sizes and challenging financing situations. Below is a guide to loan programs that are currently available.

In addition to commercial mortgage debt (bridge, permanent, construction,) we are now able to source the following:

  • Private Equity for construction and recapitalization
  • Mezzanine and secondary financing
  • Preferred equity leveraged against existing holdings
  • SBA and other business financing, including SBA Green Loan Programs.
  • C-PACE financing for energy efficiency and reduced operating expenses
  • Ground leases – to free up owner equity
  • Environmental – Carbon Credits

Commercial Real Estate Loans

Long-term, fully amortized commercial loans can be used for the purchase or refinance of commercial real estate when the property is stabilized. A stabilized property is one that has full occupancy with market rates (or equivalent) and is of good physical quality with no immediate need for renovation.

For many Multifamily investors, an Agency loan, such as Freddie Mac/Fannie Mae or HUD/FHA is a good option. Fannie/Freddie loans come with strict requirements for both the property and the borrower, including a net worth equal to the loan amount and minimum cash reserves of 9 months of interest. HUD requirements are a little looser. In addition to multifamily, HUD loans can be used for senior housing, student housing, low income housing, work force housing and assisted living. The advantage of Agency loans is low interest rates and high LTV, up to 85%.

For other multi-tenanted commercial property as well as multifamily, several of our lenders offer comparable financing, with 25-year amortization, relatively low rates and initial fixed term of 7 to 10 years. Loan to value will be a little lower than multifamily (up to 75%) and rates will be slightly higher. These loans all require full documentation on the borrower, the borrowing entity, and the property.

Bridge Loans

If your property under-performing or not fully occupied, then a bridge loan is the answer. Bridge lenders offer interim solutions that afford you the opportunity to stabilize a property by increasing occupancy, or improving a property by renovating it, raising rents or improving amenities. The advantage of a bridge loan is usually flexibility. They are easier to qualify for and often have no pre-payment penalty, which allows you to refinance in a relatively short period of time into a permanent loan.

Bridge loans often require interest payments only, so do not build equity in the property. They also rely more heavily on the property’s physical characteristics and performance, rather than the borrower’s strength. Bridge loans are usually quicker to close, some in as little as 2 weeks, and carry a higher interest rate and lower LTV than permanent financing.

SBA Loans

SBA loans are a great option for owner-occupied properties. SBA loans can be used to purchase a building, refinance a building, or for new construction to be used by the business itself. While SBA loans have a reputation as being difficult to qualify for, Sofia Capital Ventures has an excellent track record in this area. We offers access to both the 7(a) and 504 SBA Loan Programs through non-Bank SBA Preferred Lenders and several privately owned banks that are also SBA Lenders. SBA 7(a) loans cap at $5 million; SBA 504 loans cap at about $11 million.

Construction Loans

Sofia Capital Ventures has strong lender relationships for land, development and construction loans. In this post-pandemic, inflationary environment, lenders have tightened their lending on construction projects, but there is still plenty of money being deployed.

The ideal construction borrower will have:

  • Previous experience in developing the same asset category
  • Land already under contract or ownership
  • Equity already raised, or committed to the project
  • A construction/development plan
  • A clear exit from the construction loan

Developers note: SOFIA Capital Ventures is now able to help you source equity as well as senior debt for your construction project. Contact us for details.

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