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SOFIA Brokers Club

In today’s economy, following 11 consecutive interest rate increases by the Fed, subsequent tightening of bank and institutional lending standards, and recent bank failures, there are many challenges for commercial real estate investors. Almost a third of the CMBS debt is due to be refinanced in the next 2-3 years. With higher cap rates, lower LTV, and tighter NOI, many owners will be hard pressed to refinance. Will banks foreclose? Sell paper at a discount? Force borrowers into more expensive options?

SCV has solutions.

SOFIA Capital Ventures (SCV) was started in 2012 by a small team of professionals who wanted to bring a higher standard of performance to the commercial mortgage industry. Since its inception, SCV has grown into a well-respected national commercial mortgage company representing over 100 lenders to qualified borrowers.

In addition to commercial mortgage debt* (bridge, permanent, construction,) we are now able to source the following:

  • Private Equity for construction and recapitalization
  • Mezzanine and secondary financing
  • Preferred equity leveraged against existing holdings
  • SBA and other business financing, including SBA Green Loan Programs.
  • C-PACE financing for energy efficiency and reduced operating expenses
  • Ground leases – to free up owner equity
  • Environmental – Carbon Credits

Become a “Hero” to your clients!

Like a hotel concierge, we are your “Concierge for Private Commercial Lending.” By understanding the various lenders’ underwriting criteria, we can quickly assess the “fundability” of any loan request and place it with the top two or three lenders who have the highest probability of closing on that transaction. With our depth of experience and knowledge, we are usually able to spot the “gotchas” and give the sponsor immediate feedback on what they need to do to strengthen or adjust their loan request.

SCV is now proud to open its doors to a new program for fellow mortgage brokers. If you want to see more loan requests turn into closed and funded transactions, join the SOFIA brokers club today.


  • No more running around trying to find funding for every client you sign up.
  • Written feedback for each deal submitted – a report you can give your borrower
  • More deal placement
  • More closes
  • Weekly update on the current commercial lending environment

How the SOFIA brokers club works:

1. Submit deals to SCV using our intake form

2. We will use our Rolodex to match your client’s needs with at least 3 lenders.

3. We will make initial inquiries with each lender we identify to confirm deal type and size.

4. We will let you know which lender or lenders want to see a full package from your borrower with intent to fund.

5. If there is no funding interest, we will email you a report with lender feedback and suggestions for the borrower as to how to make the deal “fundable.”

6. Pay us “5%” on the back end for the 1st deal closed with each lender. After that, you are direct to the lender.


There are no promises. We cannot guarantee that every deal you submit will get funded. Not every deal is fundable as presented. What we can guarantee is that we will make conscientious effort to identify one or more lenders in our database that have the potential to meet your client’s needs. We guarantee we will provide written feedback on every loan request you send us. We guarantee we will keep you current on the state of commercial lending, according to our funding sources.

How to sign up:

  1. Register below to demonstrate your interest. You will receive an in-depth Application Form by email. Please Complete this and email it back as directed.
  2. Upon approval and mutual agreement, you’ll receive a formal Program Agreement to sign.
  3. Pay the initial set-up fee of $500 by PayPal Invoice. We’ll set you up in our system, begin your unique profile and start a marketing flyer for your clients.
  4. Complete the broker profile and client profile to get your focused marketing flyer representive of funding programs that fit your niche.
  5. Maintain your membership with a monthly membership fee of $100. You’ll get up to 3 deals evaluated each month by one of SOFIA Capital Ventures’ Commercial Lending Experts with up to 3 lender matches and written feedback on each deal.

No long-term commitment. Stay involved as long as you like. If it’s not a fit for you, cancel anytime.