Your Concierge for Private Commercial Lending

SOFIA Cap connects you to the right private commercial lenders who offers they specific loan package that fits your commercial real estate needs. We stay on the leading edge of the commercial lending market so that you can get the right funding for your commercial real estate project.

Who We Are

We are an experienced team of commercial real estate lending experts with a deep understanding of the strategies required to navigate the commercial lending process. Our combined backgrounds in business, finance, real estate and marketing enable us to help you navigate the complex process of commercial mortgage lending successfully.

What We Do      

In a world where banks say, “no”, SOFIA Capital Ventures represents private commercial lenders who still say, “yes.” SOFIA Cap can provide private lending solutions for a wide variety of commercial property types, loan sizes and challenging financial situations. We’ll connect you with the right lender for your commercial funding needs.

Work With Us

We invite you to explore working with SOFIA Capital Ventures for your next commercial mortgage. Our primary goal is to help you navigate the complex process of commercial lending from qualification to closing. We begin with a careful analysis of your project funding needs. Our lenders work then propose the best loan program to fund your project.

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