The following employment opportunities are currently available with Sofia Capital Ventures.

Commercial Mortgage Lending Apprenticeship Program

The purpose of the Apprenticeship Program is to provide in-depth knowledge and experience in every aspect of the commercial mortgage industry so that you will become a “Commercial Lending Expert.” The goal of this program is to empower you to earn a 7-figure income as a commercial mortgage intermediary, and to potentially prepare you for business ownership at the same time. This is a combined educational and full-time employment opportunity.

For more information, please visit the Commercial Lending Academy

Business Development Associate

If you are a seasoned mortgage professional seeking to up-level your game, join our successful team of Commercial Lending Experts who represent billions in private commercial lending. We are closely allied with a wide range of lenders who are seeking qualified commercial real estate borrowers.

Overview:  The Business Development Associate (BDA) position performs an independent marketing function for Sofia Capital Ventures, LLC. This position carries weight and responsibility as part of a multi-member team whose overall goal is to make “rivers of income” through the process of solving problems for owners and buyers of commercial real estate.  Sofia Capital Ventures has a number of private lending sources that offer various types of asset-based lending to commercial property owners.

The BDA has day-to-day responsibility for generating and pre-screening leads according to the Company’s lender guidelines. The overall responsibilities are:  generating leads, following up on all leads, establishing rapport, collecting information, monitoring the loan status until closing and communicating with the Borrower on behalf of the Company.

Minimum Requirements: Five (5) years experience as a commercial mortgage broker, either independent or as part of a larger organization. No license required.

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