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Professional Education

Professional education is an essential part of every entrepreneur’s success. Whether you just want to stay current on issues and trends in your industry or are looking to take your business to a whole new level, Sofia Capital Ventures offers programs that can fit your needs.

If you are a financial professional, commercial mortgage broker, commercial realtor, or someone who is looking to move into a related industry, we invite you to checkout our summer season learning opportunities.

Commercial Lending Basics

AUDIO SERIES: Commercial Mortgage Fundamentals & Multiple Income Streams.

If you are new to commercial lending or in a parallel profession and want to learn the fundamentals of commercial lending, this is the place to start. This series consists of six 30-minute audio programs with complete downloadable transcripts and a bonus lesson on loan pricing.

  • How commercial mortgages work
  • How to make a loan request
  • Loan application / initial presentation
  • Underwriting demystified
  • Marketing to existing clients
  • Marketing to new clients
  • BONUS: Insight into commercial loan pricing

Priced at $99.

Business Development Coaching

LIVE COACHING PROGRAM Plus: If you are a more seasoned commercial mortgage professional who wants to take his or her business to the next level,, this program will empower you to enhance the value you provide to clients in your industry. You receive an exclusive, one-on-one personal consult with CEO Dr. Barbara Leuin focused on burning questions in your business and how you can stack additional revenue streams.

You receive:

  • Four 60-minute LIVE CALL (private 1-on-1) with Barbara (within a 90-day period)
  • A recording of each call – listen over and over
  • The recorded Learn & Earn Audio Series & Transcripts

Priced at $750 for up to 90 days of coaching – this program is a steal!

Real Estate Investor Training

Learning to invest in commercial real estate can be tricky in the best of times. During the current economic recession and uncertainty created by COVID-19 mandated shut-downs in certain industries and the political uncertainty of the times, it is especially important to understand the fundamentals of a good commercial real estate investment and the types of financing available today.

Sofia Capital Ventures is now offering on a limited basis a consulting program to commercial real estate investors seeking their first (or second or third) deal. We are getting so many requests from potential investors who are seeking to break into commercial real estate investing, but need help navigating the landscape of our current economy. Some aspects of commercial real estate we can help you understand from the lending perspective are:

  • Property valuations (as perceived by the lender)
  • Analyzing cash flow to determine debt coverage (and what adequate debt coverage ratio is in today’s environment
  • Understanding leverage and the appropriate use of debt vs. equity to finance your property
  • Matching loan programs to property types, locations, property condition, and upside potential
  • How to make a loan request that is fully supported by your documentation

PROGRAM BONUS: Building your Professional Credibility Kit (Audio Recording) This program was first introduced to new investors at Scott Meyers’ Self Storage Academy. It shows new investors how to create a professional presentation to bankers and lenders that makes them credible as first-time borrowers.

Priced at $1250 or 3 payments of $500.

For more information, or to enroll CONTACT US